Dragon’s Trail (Print Editions)

Dragon’s Trail (Print Editions)


This fantasy technothriller became a #1 bestselling e-book at all major online stores, and now available in hardcover along with a new and improved paperback edition

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About the Book

“I didn’t come here to sell my soul. I came here to buy it back.”

Once dubbed “The Deadliest Man Alive,” Jarrod Torrealday is a former Olympic saber hopeful and medieval weapons expert banned from competition for killing another fencer in a duel. Despondent, volatile, alcoholic, yet still one of the greatest swordsmen alive, he now works for third-rate fantasy films as a technical consultant and stuntman.

When Jarrod accepts the gig of a lifetime from a sorcerer looking for a hero, he finds himself facing an invading army in a world inhabited by creatures from Earth’s mythical past. He soon learns that the enemy mastermind is also from Earth, and has laid the foundations for a new kind of war.

Seamlessly blending hard science with elements of sword and sorcery, Dragon’s Trail is an international bestseller that’s being hailed as the pioneering work of a new genre: the Fantasy Technothriller.



“Fantasy with a twist… executed with verve and intelligence.”
“[Dragon’s Trail] features immersive detail and hold-your-breath battle scenes.”

– The BookLife Prize

“Hard fantasy, written with great attention paid to every last detail. Malik’s writing is both effortless and finely written. The world-building is extremely well done and so realistic that I was able to easily fall into this world and enjoy every minute.”
— Forever Lost in Literature

“A fantasy read that delivers on every level. I don’t think I’ve come across a storyline like this!”
— Tiana Warner, #1 bestselling author of Ice Massacre

“A book to savor and soak in all the details.”
— Long and Short Reviews

“This book was incredible. The detailing (from the equipment used to the action in the fight scenes) made the world and characters feel so real and complete, that you don’t question anything for a moment.”
— Angel Leya, author of Legend of the Mer


Series: The Outworlders, Book 1
Tag: print
Publisher: Oxblood Books
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Hardcover, Paperback
Length: 390 pages
ASIN: 0997887540
ISBN: 9780997887549

List Price: $29.99 (Hardcover) $16.99 (Paperback)
Malik’s debut novel sparkles with a fresh take on some traditional epic fantasy tropes . . . the action, humor, and intrigue quickly build, showcasing Jarrod as James Bond in tarnished armor. This is a highly enjoyable story for fans of self-aware epic fantasy."