Well, it’s con season again. Finally! My first con is a small local fantasy and SF convention, RustyCon. This will be my first time at RustyCon, and I’ve heard a ton about it over the years. I’m really excited about this. My schedule is below. If you are visiting from out of town, please remember to reserve your room. You’ll need to register for a membership. Hope to see you out!

RustyCon will be a fully masked event. Proof of vaccination is mandatory, as is photo ID. Please see the website for details.  


Rustycon 38

Hilton Hotel, Bellevue, WA

24-26 Sep 2021 

Fri Sep 24 2:00 pm The Psychology of Dueling
Room: King County A

Fighting as a spectator sport dates back to at least 700 BC and has been popular somewhere in Europe ever since. In some places and eras it was the only way to enforce consequences on criminals or other miscreants and hooligans. Elite fighters have things in common, they fight as much with their mind as weapons or bodies. How can thoughts change an outcome for the winner? These and other questions will be explored.

Jean Dudley  Joseph Malik  Stephen Henning


Fri Sep 24 5:00 pm Autographs

Get your goodies signed and meet your favorite writers and artists!

David Gerrold  Joseph Malik  T.J. Deschamps


Sat Sep 25 1:00 pm

  Pros and Cons of Novel Outlines
Room: Redmond

Some writers find a detailed outline keeps them focused as they get into the weeds of the plot. Others like the freedom to explore and follow the story (and characters) where they lead. Both work. Both have strengths to exploit and weaknesses to mitigate.

Elizabeth Guizzetti  Jaleta Clegg  Joseph Malik


Sat Sep 25 3:00 pm   Firearms in Fiction and Gaming
Room: Kirkland

Many writers and game designers have only an academic knowledge of modern weapons, much of it drawn from movies and TV, which is either wrong or impractical. Come listen to our panel of experts dispel some of the myths that continue in fiction. This is not intended to be a political panel so please check those agendas at the door.

Dr. Mark Rounds  Joseph Malik  Michael Tinker Pearce


Sat Sep 25 7:00 pm   Science and Magic in Writing
Room: King County A

How important is it for authors to get their science right? What does “right” even mean for speculative fiction? How is genre convention tied into those answers? What about fantasy? Does science have a role in magic? In fantastical worlds?

Joseph Malik  Stephanie L. Weippert T. Ellery Hodges


Sun Sep 26 12:00 pm Plot Isn’t a Four Letter Word
Room: King County B

Too often new writers think they can get away with a story with no plot, or don’t understand what makes up a good plot. We’ll discuss the Hero’s Journey, the three act play, and the basic fundamentals of plot, because your story really needs a backbone.

D.L. Gardner  Joseph Malik Tymm Wagner