Hey, everybody. Happy autumn! As we get into the colder weather, I’ll let you in on a little secret to this time of year: one part red wine, three parts hot cocoa. Trust me on this. And don’t forget the marshmallows.

I also want to talk a bit about what went into this re-release of Dragon’s Trail, the method to the madness. Since this first book has sold well enough that we know for sure there will be a book II, we redesigned the cover so that it will eventually look right at home on the shelf next to future titles in the series.  This means there are a few new things you’ll notice about the new editions:

–  Each title in the Outworlders saga will have a different badge that relates to the story being told…  for Dragon’s Trail, the badge is the horsehead pin of the Order of the Stallion. Our graphic artist, Lynn Stevenson, has done wonders with the cover, and the new badge looks right at home on the back cover and spine.  Future books will each have a different badge; the badge for The New Magic will be the diving-falcon crest of Falconsrealm.

– We have also added new maps to all formats. The new map was done with professional cartographic software, and the new books have a second, two-page map in the back. We worked off of sketches from Jarrod Torrealday’s personal notebook (at least as far as you know 😉 ), which had much better details than I was originally working with.

– Finally, the new books are designed to better meet trade standards with cream-colored pages (easier on the eyes!), improved interior typesetting, and a matte cover that has a high-end feel to the touch. Plus, eagle-eyed readers will catch a sneak peek at the cover of The New Magic in the back matter.

I hope you like the new look… I know I do.


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