Dragon’s Trail

Book 1 of The Outworlders



Dragon’s Trail is a critically acclaimed,  #1 International Bestseller that is being hailed as the pioneering work of a new genre: the Fantasy Technothriller.

“Action, humor, and intrigue . . . James Bond in tarnished armor.” —Publishers Weekly



In a world inhabited by creatures from Earth’s mythical past, the realm of Gateskeep faces a rising army led by the son of a great sorcerer, exiled to Earth as a child, who has regained his father’s throne by combining modern knowledge with his gift for magic.

A young Gateskeep sorcerer, traveling to Earth in a quest to better understand their new enemy, stumbles across an unlikely prospect for a hero: Jarrod Torrealday, a former Olympic saber hopeful banned from competition for killing another fencer in a duel.

Despondent, volatile, alcoholic, yet still one of the greatest swordsmen alive, Jarrod now works for third-rate fantasy films as a technical consultant and stuntman. He accepts appointment to an elite unit in the service of the king of Gateskeep, and with it, a shot at both knighthood and personal redemption.

Swept into a treacherous and deadly world of intrigue and conspiracy, Jarrod learns that the enemy sorcerer has laid the foundations for a war that Gateskeep and its allies stand no chance of surviving. He takes matters into his own hands, embarking on a desperate mission to stop the brewing war before it destroys the realm he swore to defend.

First, though, Jarrod must square off against his fiercest demons, for he knows that in order to save those he has come to love, he must bring himself to kill again.


Readers are calling Dragon’s Trail
Convincing,” “Masterful,” and “Cerebral hard fantasy.”

Dragon’s Trail is written for mature audiences, and contains adult language and graphic depictions of violence.

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